Signal Trading System

2 Days HootAlert Workshop

Can't find good algorithmic trading rules? Let HOOTALERT discover the best trading signals!​

Achieving Profit Growth With Daily Observation On HootAlert Signals.


Workshop schedule includes One Full day of lessons held on a weekend. This will be followed by a Half-Day session where HootAlert™ Speaker will use a real Live trading account to guide the attendees in a Live Trade session. On full completion of HootAlert™ Workshop, users will receive 2 months free access to HootAlert™ FX/Gold/Crude/Dow & etc. Subsequent usage of HootAlert™ System will be subscription based. Before subscribing, users must first attend the relevant market workshops for competency training. These workshops attendance are free and subject to scheduling availability as decided by Specialist of HootAlert.com. For continuous and additional learning, users can look forward to HootAlert™ System User Support. (Telegram/Whatsapp/Facebook).

Crypto Arb Course

2 Days Arbitrage Workshop

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to be more productive

  • Anyone who wants to learn cryptocurrency arbitrage using HootAlert Trading

  • Anyone who wants to try Arbitrage Trading but have little time

  • Anyone willing to learn Deep Learning and understand how to apply it to make predictions

Cryptocurrency Trading 101

1 Days Cryptocurrency 101

Course Outline 1. To provide the most simplified and easy to understand concepts to deliver bitcoin, blockchain technology, mining and altcoins in cryptocurrencies. 2. There are class activities to allow blockchain technology can be applied in other ways to improve life etc. Course Content The understand Bitcoin, the inventor initially set out to achieve! To learn about Technology 4.0, disruptive “Blockchain” in money transfer and implications to economy, lifestyles, etc. To appreciate how ‘mining’ works in blockchain technology To understand alternate coins in the market and it’s fundamental To Learn about the options on how investors profit from cryptocurrencies.

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