Arbitrage is a practice in the economy of making risk-free profit by the aid of market fluctuations.

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Most times, people are not getting the right results in trading because of 5 Major Factors;

📍 No Idea What To Trade

📍  Do Not Know How To Read Market Movement

📍  Do Not Know When To Enter A Trade

📍 Do Not Have An indicator that help you predict the market

📍  Do Not have a winning trading strategy


⚠ Stop loss triggered and then market went to your Target price?

⚠ Regularly switching strategies and then not knowing what to trade?

⚠ Wanting to give up as nothing seems to work consistently?

⚠ Feeling overwhelmed by technical analysis and the confusion it can cause?

Lack of trading knowledge and support 

Lack Psychological aspects ( Price movement affects individuals minds )

Unable to monitor market 24hrs x 7days

Using the power of Data Analytics, Market Experience and In-Depth Research, HootAlert can provide you superior results.

So, How Does Our HootAlert System Work For You?

HootAlert Chart  Vs  Default Chart

In order to break through these hassles in trading, we have created a super-indicator that brings together the benefits of multiple market indicators to help you craft better strategies and become more successful at trading. We have put in 6 years of relentless research and market analysis to develop this super-indicator

You trade on HootAlert charts. No more lagging indicators, Trade with Confidence

SEC Philosophy
• Simple to Understand
• Easy to Trade
• Consistent Results

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Sophisticated Algorithmic Indicator │ Better Wealth Management on trading │ Understands Trading Psychology  

1) Combination of Indicators

Market indicators are not new. Traders have used Stochastic(1950s), Bollinger Band(1980s), RSI Indicator(1978), and other indicators for decades to make trades mainly to gauge overbought and oversold on Stocks. But, HootAlert widens its net and combines Colour Change to validate the supply and demand of the market, HootAlert Range Crossover (HRC) Line for price action strategy, and Sentiment Bars Indicators (SBI) tracking Big Players. With that they confirm with each other to provide you, a super-algorithmic signal with HootAlert.

3) 80% More Accurate

HootAlert has been tried and tested in a variety of scenarios and it has yielded an impressive 80% accurate results. That is incredibly high accuracy in the dynamic markets that change in seconds. If you don't grab this opportunity now, someone esle will soon be using HootAlert to make accurate predications against you.

2) Experience Breeds Success

The HootAlert System is designed by Coach Lee, a veteran trader, who has been actively investing in the markets since 1993. He has amassed his wealth by trusting his keen eye for market trends, his knowledge of derivatives market, and his relenting faith in research. With HootAlert, he offers his expertise in a compact package. The full suite of :-

HootAlert™ System includes: 

HootAlert™ Forex

HootAlert™ Commodities

HootAlert™ Cryptocurrency

HootAlert™ Indices

4) Covers Mutiple Markets

The HootAlert Signal System scans multiple, which allows the software to serve multiple, markets accurately. Traders in several markets, including US stock trading, commodities, indices and cryptocurrency trading markets, can apply the data from the HootAlert system to make informed decisions.


How Does Our Sophisticated Algorithmic Indicator Help you?

HootAlert system is a product of years of experience, extensive domain expertise, and a passion for helping fellow singaporeans become better investors with consistent results.


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Markets can provide better yields than any other  opportunity out there. With an expert by your side, you can certainly earn bigger, better, and sustainable profits.

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  • What is Arbitrage Trading?

  • Is it actually profitable?

  • How it is being used?

  • How it is being traded?


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